Industrial Range

The industrial range generating sets are the most standardised types of Erga manufacturing.

This type of gensets is indicated for industry, mining, agriculture, forestry Applications, telecom, etc.

We make this generator in an open version and soundproof version with the lowest noise levels, indicated especially for residential applications or events.

The solid construction of our gensets allows to resist temperatures -50ºC to 50ºC and is indicated for the usage either in extreme sunny conditions or snow and hard rain conditions.

Heavy Range

The heavy range Erga generators are designed for low-medium voltage supplies.

This type of generators are used in cases like main energy and in other cases in SB.

A group of this gensets can be configured in a System of multiple generators to use like a main supply (power plant). These type of solutions are indicated in islands, in new urban areas in construction, new shopping areas, in conflict situations, etc.

The fuel management of these units is important and Erga has solutions in order to ensure these generators will never stop.